The Begining

Our Founder started to provide consultations in early 2000s. What was prescribed by him have benefitted many people?  As more people seek his help, he made ancient remedies accessible by formulating external applications to relieve body discomfort and enhance wellness.

Our Goal

To empower individuals with the knowledge of blissful living through naturally active ancient herbal therapeutic formulations. At the core of Herbapeutic Herbal Collections is the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, which guides centuries-old remedies for human and sage wellness.

What is Happiness

Our products are responsible towards everybody. We solve problems retrospectively as our products address your ailments.  Let not your body distress and discomfort obstruct what you want to enjoy. Happiness is simple. It is all about retaining your Health and gaining your Wealth.

Our Mission

Bring Welfare to Mankind in pursuit of Happiness.


Started in 2006, the company is guided by the Founder’s values – Foresight and In Retrospect. Upholding the values is the driving force behind the quality and reliability of our products and services.


Foresight is not an imagination. It is built by people with knowledge. Real knowledge brings you up or down with passing time.

In Retrospect

Our products are responsible towards everybody. We solve problems retrospectively as our products addresses your ailments.


Our Ancient Therapy Formulations

Each formula is unique. Based on the most ancient methods of decoction and concoction, you can be sure each drop applied on your skin is filled with the natural goodness!

From the Wild into Your Bottle

We source for the Nature’s best from the oldest and most natural mountains – Himalayan Mountains. Each bottle is painstakingly brewed with our wide range of Ayurvedic herbs, presenting you with the purest goodness.

Holistic Therapy Collection

Our herbal collections are specially formulated to give you a complete holistic therapy from head to toe.

Do it yourself with Ease

With simple steps, you can apply our herbal collection anytime and anywhere.

Harmful Chemicals Free

Each bottle is toxin free, without the harmful chemicals, leaving you in peace with your body.